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What We Do

We consult on your business model, direction and engage innovative and progressive ideas in business concept, process, and development strategy.

We push the envelope and lose the competition through innovation.

Losing the competition through innovation is what makes C Suela Consulting's approach unique and what we add to our clients' repertoire.

Engaging in your business' infinite potential and injecting vibrancy into fledgling and stagnant business models.

Variety and success in the business world go hand in hand, if your company and your personality is lacking adaptability, stick with a classic business structure. We create success by updating and working in advancement and ever-evolving environments. Pushing the envelope, but understanding where a final product can generate large revenue.


Working with non-profits, start-ups, established companies in addition to internationally renowned artists and upcoming talent looking for a fresh perspective.


Our focus is; Business and Creative projects consultancy. Mainly creative direction, project concept, strategy and development with production concept design and development through Unifunk Entertainment.

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